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Our Job listing and consulting services discussed below are for international graduates applying for English jobs in Paris, the principal economic zone of France. In addition to this specialization, our professionals have professional work experience in different countries of Europe & Asia. Therefore, we also provide fast-track CV checking services for graduates targeting jobs in locations around the world.

1. English Jobs in Paris Listing - Click & Apply to jobs

Our job listing is the only one dedicated 100% to English Jobs in Paris. For non-French-speaking candidates in Paris, preparing and sending applications for interviews is as much a task as is filtering out suitable job offers. Conventional application method means scanning various job-search platforms, using filters to find paid English jobs in Paris and the rest of Île-de-France. Even then most of the shortlisted jobs turn out to be English jobs that "also need French" & the others have a lengthy signing up & application procedure.

To solve this problem for young expat talents wondering how to easily find an English job in Paris, we narrow down the search.

Dissecting through language requirements to find that precious fit is highly time-inefficient. Many websites do exist for this and they falsely claim to assist you in your search. But, anyone who is diligently applying knows that most of their misleading listings require English "and" French skills. This is not at all a relief for non French speakers. Moreover, to scan deeply the language requirements on such websites to shortlist just a couple of jobs results in a waste of precious time during application seasons. Therefore, being the only platform dedicated to only English jobs in Paris, our listing can save time and effort for graduate talents.

2. Consulting services for Job Applicants

With a team of top-tier French Business School graduates who have gained professional experience in the Ile de France region, we can listen to you and discuss with you about the areas your profile needs work on. We carry the expertise of providing reliable consulting services to graduates looking for English jobs in France.

Those looking for a fast-track resume correction due to either time constraints or being clear about the service they require can opt for a CV check by our professionals. For graduates applying for jobs in different locations around the world, we provide this service based on the vast experience of our professionals combined with research about your target location. A faster subset of our consulting services, it is very effective for a job in Paris or any other part of the world. Our professionals have worked in several countries in Europe and Asia, and will research about the CV guidelines of your target location while polishing your CV.

We know the HR practices in Ile de France

As companies that hire non-French speakers are a minority in Ile de France currently, we understand that their call to English speaking talents gets lost in the middle of thousands of French-requiring employment offers. This is because there is no platform dedicated exclusively to English Jobs in Paris. To stand out and be right in front of those talents, many companies of the region post their job offers at the only platform exclusively dedicated to this purpose - Hello Job in Paris.

We know the requirements of English Speaking Students, we know the requirements of the recruiters, and we have business clients to make jobs reach you.

The Paris region is the economic hub of France and it includes the biggest purpose-built Business District of Europe. Also, with international education programs, tourism and increasing employment of expatriates, the region is opening up more and more opportunities. However, until recently, English speakers who are still learning French faced difficulties not only in finding suitable employment. Hello Job in Paris was introduced as a solution to this very specific problem and now it hosts job offers by many SMEs, start ups and big companies on its Job Listing. Apart from the list of English Jobs in Paris, we provide concise and free guidance, and paid consulting regarding the portfolios of candidates.

We are exclusively dedicated to help non-French speakers find internships and long term jobs like CDD or CDI in Paris. In other words, we provide a solution to not let language overpower talent in getting professional work experiences. Most jobs listed on our online marketplace are by startups and SMEs.

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