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Why is a CV check important?

Our professionals believe that even after repeated amendments for months, many talented graduates miss some key points in their CVs. As a result, their strengths do not meet the eyes of the recruiter who generally spends only around 10 seconds looking at a CV.

During resume correction, we specially take care of the following points which may also serve as great CV tips for you :

1. Wordy appearance

Most CVs are wordy and lack quantifiable data. It is necessary to collect and correctly present easily interpret-able data such which explains more than the space it takes. Quality must exceed quantity, remember?

2. Incoherent sentences

Even native English speakers are very likely to miss noticing this flaw in their CVs. The structure of each sentence should be similar so as not to confuse a quick CV-reader.

3. Uneven Layoutcv check

It is a great challenge to be able to make a CV dynamic and yet keep the layout very even throughout. This can be done by making different sections of the CV easily identifiable and only justifiably different.

4. Various other inconsistencies

Different kinds or different number of bullet points, a punctuation here and there, uneven spacing,

5. Hidden strengths

Your strongest point perfectly relevant to the job profile might miss the eyes of the recruiter due to a small neglect. The key is to highlight the important points using formatting and colors but yet not go too far - ending up with an unprofessional CV.

6. Usage of unprofessional or boring fonts

Some fonts like Times New Roman are now avoidable despite looking professional. The reason is not well defined, but just that it might be perceived as outdated, boring or unappealing and hence unprofessional due to insufficient research. Hence, depending on the person reading your CV, using an appropriate font is necessary.

7. Defying country-specific CV guidelines

Many countries have specific CV guidelines. In fact, what is acceptable or even desirable in a CV for one country might be a complete no-no for another country. It is one of the most important CV tips for international applicants that country guidelines should be kept in mind. While performing an online CV check, our professionals also bear this in mind during resume correction.

8. Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors are often encountered are are a complete turn-off for any recruiter as soon as he or she spots them. To make a resume correct, it is very import to ensure that it is free of any grammatical errors.

9. Irrelevant information

Irrelevant information not only doesn't work on a recruiter, but also gives the impression that you just want to fill up the one page of your CV by anything just because you do not have enough relevant strengths. Therefore, it is a big red signal.

There is more to Resume Correction

Correcting flaws is a prerequisite, not the end of the story. To make a resume correct, there is a need to make it up to the mark. Applicants to different fields are expected to carry expertise in different skills. What is a better way to convince the recruiter of your skills than to present them via your resume? Undoubtedly, one of the most effective CV tips is to make your resume speak about you beyond the words it contains.

Apart from this, there are a number of ways to make your CV strong enough to make a lasting impression on a person who has to read hundreds of CVs and can not pay attention to the entire content of any.

Therefore, a CV check should not only find the flaws in a CV, but take a step further and suggest important improvements in the other aspects. Our professionals provide free guidance along with your corrected CV.

More than CV check & CV tips 

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