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"Technical Perfection and automotive passion" is what defines Faurecia. We design, engineer and provide the best in technology, systems and services for automobile makers in every major market on all five continents. If you share our ambition for technical perfection and our passion for all things automotive, Faurecia has a career for you.
"Faurecia, a driving force…for your professional growth."

The DSF is a fast growing team composed for the moment of Data Scientists and Data Architects. As of today, for the industrialization phase of our projects, and in order to achieve full control over our products we are seeking to enrich our team by recruiting our first DevOps.

The recruited DevOps will be fully integrated in the DSF team. Their role will be to take the work done by the data scientists to the next level by building software with applications in multiple factories or on connected vehicle services. This will imply both improvements on the software produced, and setting up a structure so as to ensure easy updates and deployments. In order to conduct its mission the recruited DevOps will have the support on one side from Data Scientists (coding) and on the other side from Data Architects (data organization within Faurecia).

The pieces of software to be deployed make use of all kinds of machine learning methods (clustering, regression, deep learning), which implies a massive use of python. We are also exploring topics relative to the use of IoT (e.g. greengrass), and sometimes more original topics such as constraint modelling appear and are handled by the team as well. Scala and Spark are also used.

It is expected that the recruited designer recognizes itself in the following core values of the DSF:

  • Entrepreneurship: Capacity and willingness to understand the needs of the end-user and develop accordingly the product
  • Autonomy: Capacity to search for required solutions, for example by asking the right questions to the right persons. This might also imply to explore new areas unknown to the team at the moment.
  • Accountability: Being responsible of its own development and product. Feeling a sense of ownership and proudness in the work done.
  • Directness: The work environment in Faurecia and particularly around the DSF is fast paced. It is crucial to be able to deliver quick and efficient feedback as soon as possible.
  • Deliver: Being focused on the delivery of a product to the end-user.

Due to the skills and profile looked for, we naturally expect to recruit a person with a few years of experience.

Needed hard skills:

  • Strong experience in deploying DevOps frameworks and methodologies
  • Deep Knowledge of DevOps State-Of-The-Art technology stack
  • Experience in using Agile methodology


Optional skills:

  • First experience in deploying DevOps frameworks in the context of Data Science and Machine Learning software engineering
  • Knowledge of Big Data Technology Stack is a plus