How to make a professional CV ?

To understand how to make a professional CV, it is necessary to step into the shoes of the recruiter of the specific company, country & position that you are applying to. Let us look into the 10 deciding factors that make a good CV.

1. Error-free content

Grammar, punctuation and inconsistencies related errors hide in your CV even after diligent working. This happens because of two reasons. Firstly, your focus might be on some other aspects and you might skip noticing these errors. Secondly, because you have been working on the CV over a long period of time, you become used to seeing it like that and it makes the errors seem normal to you. However, the errors bother a recruiter looking at your CV for the first time.

2. Justified space distribution

Since in many countries a CV should almost always be restricted to one page, space equals importance. Therefore, if your address takes more lines than your skills or work experience, it is simply not professional. We would like to remind you that a recruiter generally looks at each CV for not more than 15 seconds in the first-level shortlisting. She or he wants to quickly know about how you are a fit for the role, not on comparatively irrelevant details.

How to make a professional CV

3. Font and colors

Many students wonder why they are getting rejections without realizing how competitive the job market is and how the CV is your first impression to a stranger. Using the same font size throughout your CV is not an impressive thing to do. Using a font like Times New Roman does not go down well with some recruiters either, as they find it "too common or boring". Having a number of uncomplimentary colors is also a risk you should definitely avoid taking.

4. Concise and impactful

Painting the picture of your life on one page is a tricky job, but not impossible. Choosing words that contain a lot of meaning and using numbers to tell a long story are some practices which will make the content of your CV not only manageable, but also professional. For consulting with us on how to make a professional CV, find us here on our "Work in Paris" section.

5. Country-specific formathow to make a marketing cv

Adding a picture? Making a 2 page CV? Including your hobbies? Wait for a moment and think about the country specific guidelines. For cultural as well as social reasons, different countries require their CVs to be a certain way. Therefore, take care of this while creating a CV. At "CV Check", we can rectify all the issues of your CV within one day, no matter where in the world you are.

6. Appearance

When we talk about reading hundreds of CV at the rate of 10 seconds per CV, appearance can not count more. The layout should be such that the reader can reach the information she or he wants to easily. It should be easy to know what information has been placed where in the CV without having to go word by word through it. It is hence one of the key points on how to make a professional CV.

7. Bring out the best

Correct grammar, impressive layout and all the other prerequisiteshow to make a cv mentioned above will lead to a favorable outcome only on one condition. That condition is that your CV should put you forth as a skillful and deserving applicant. We do not recommend our consulting services if we feel that profile building is more important than document polishing for a particular candidate. Therefore, building a strong profile is of utmost importance before applying for jobs and should start early.