How to write a French CV – Tips, Examples and Requirements

How to write a french cv

If you know the checklist for a good CV, you know that customization is the key. Yes, your German CV won’t work in France, at least not as well, and this article will detail the reasons. Read on to know the tips, guidelines, examples and find out how to write a French CV.




How to write a French CV - #1 Guidelines

First things first, Number of pages

The first question that arises from “how to make a French CV” is “how lengthy should the French CV be” Usually, a French CV should be of two pages only if you are applying for a very senior (Executive-level) position. For most entry and mid-level positions, a one-page CV is preferred, if not is the norm.



It is become increasingly common to skip adding a picture to the CV in France. Many recruiters still do not have an issue with it, and they like the first “personal connection” that a picture established. However, there are other recruiters who are not a fan of having a picture on your CV. The reason is that a picture, to them, is irrelevant to your skills and could create an unnecessary bias. Therefore, the best way would be to have a strong profile and let your skills do the talking, at least until before an interview.



The number of job applicants who apply with a French CV, but do not speak French, is not zero. The rule is – if you do not speak French, do not send a French CV.



The format of your French CV would depend on the amount of content you have. If you are applying to a non-executive role, then your CV should be one page, as explained above, and the format could be different as you have to fit all your content into a single page.

The duration of each professional and academic experience, along with the location and titles of the organization as well as the experience, should be clearly stated. The location and the date are generally aligned to the right, whereas the titles are aligned on the left.