English Jobs in Paris

How many English Jobs in Paris exist?

At any point of time during the year, thousands of young and talented students are pondering on this question. Of course, they can be answered with numbers and figures. However, the main purpose of this question is to figure out the opportunities that these talented English speakers can actually  seize. Therefore, to answer this question, we have to dig a little deeper into a number of factors.

Going by the trends in jobs, society and educational scenario, here are some useful and positive insights to explain why you should be motivated.



English language in France

Like most countries, the French people feel connected to their culture and their language. Why not? The French language, accent, cuisine and cities make many people all over the world go gaga. It is a great achievement that France continues to have higher education in its own language, as do many other European countries like Germany.

However, as seen in worldwide trends, English has been taking over the world owing to globalization of education, employment, social networking and increasing tourism. According to EuroBarometer Report, even in 2012, 39% of all foreign language speakers in France were English speakers. This percentage is high relative to that of most other Eropean countries. Yes, it is.

Notably, the French Culture Minister in 2015 encouraged French people to embrace English. Many decisions have since been taken to welcome English into the French system.


Education in English

More and more countries are embracing the international language to be integrated in various exchanges that occur on a global level. Many experts in France have also strongly recommended to promote education in English, as can be read here.

These assertions reflect on the recent increase in English courses in France. As a result, the Campus France website today has nearly 1200 programs designed for English speaking students. Many of these courses belong to France's top-tier educational institutes. Not only in higher education, French education system is also boosting foreign courses in French middle-schools, according to a reputed journal.


English jobs in Paris

Paris region is the economic center of France and one of the economic centers of Europe. In addition to the trends and facts discussed above, what is the scenario in the job market of Paris? The answer is encouraging. There is a substantial number of jobs in Paris for Strong-willed and talented English speaking applicants. Let us explain how this conclusion follows.

English has become the primary language of Global Business in the last 30 years, as Harvard Business School Associate Professor Tsedal Neeley says to Forbes. As mentioned here, more than 500 MNCs have their offices in Paris, second in the world only to Tokyo. Many more multinational companies have their offices in France. A large number of international companies deal with clients and own offices in non-French speaking countries. So, they indispensably need English speakers. Many other jobs like require only internal communication and this often eliminates the absolute necessity of French fluency.

SMEs also work a lot in English, specially when it comes to internal and analytical tasks. Start-ups founded and run by young and dynamic people are likely to have very active English-speaking environments.

What a talented applicant needs is to smartly spot and seize the opportunity, as the opportunities definitely exist.