Data Engineer Intern – Kpler


Job Description

By joining our agile and fast-growing team, you will participate to the creation and the development of great B2B features and products which provide data intelligence for our users.

You will participate in the evolution of our main platform (code, test, deployment, support) and derived applications with the aim of extracting (API, scraping), consolidating, (ETL), applying algorithms (data-mining, business rules) on large data sets and making them available (Postgres, ElasticSearch).

Our team is made of 17 engineers in fond of data who are experts in machine learning and data science.

Our architecture is mostly built on top of Python, Scala, and Javascript and we are using ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Heroku and AWS.

You will be tested on Python and PostgreSQL.


IT or Engineer student in last year of studies, you have already worked on projects around data processing (ETL, data streaming, data mining ...) in Python and ideally with a first experience in startups.

  • You enjoy working in a multicultural / multilingual / multinational environment and speak English fluently
  • You are interested in learning new technologies
  • You have a culture of effective testing
  • Knowledge of functional programming concepts or Scala is a plus.
  • Being present and active on GitHub / Stackoverflow is a plus.


  1. 30min skype/hangout to discuss your experience and motivations
  2. Technical discussion on site and HR interview
  3. Small test project assignment
  4. Half day with the engineering team to assess the culture fit and help the candidate see our day to day