iOS Developer – Mapstr


About Us

Mapstr is the first app that lets its users bookmark their favorite places on a blank world map, share them with their friends, and follow the official maps of the brands, media or influencers they love.
We are a great small team, currently headquartered in Station F in Paris and part of the “Start Up Garage”, the first Start Up Program by Facebook.
We genuinely love what we do and have huge ambition for our app, and we’re looking for people who share the same passion and goals.


We are looking for a new talent to join our team. You will be in charge of developing new features as well as improving and migrating existing ones into Swift. You will participate building a top tier app with high performance demand and a unique user experience. You will be part of a team that constantly works side by side with the business development team and our CEO. We are based off of Station F as part of the Facebook Garage incubator program and we are looking for dynamic and creative minds.

In addition, we are seeking a passionate developer to join our tech lab where we experiment with new ideas, create open-source projects, and basically have fun.


  • You are motivated and passionate.
  • You have a deep understanding of the iOS platform.
  • You are fluent in Objective-C and Swift.
  • You have been playing with UIKit, CoreAnimation, CoreGraphics, CoreLocation or MapKit.
  • You are willing to create production quality code and to conduct peer reviews.
  • You are comfortable in an Agile environment.
  • You have experience with open-source and like to contribute to the community. (optional)