Lead Developer – SkillCorner


The company

At SkillCorner, we build artificial intelligence algorithms for professional team sports. From a single video feed, our algorithms localize the players and the ball, identify each player, each event, each tactical scheme. The captured data (20 millions/match) are then valued to the clubs, the broadcasters and the bookmakers.
Our product will be live for the start of next season and we are looking for a talented software engineer to join the team! We have a first version and there are plenty of challenging problems in web development and devops for you!

The job

You are responsible of the development of the web application on which our clients analyse their game. It includes web development (front-end and back-end) but also the implementation of the computation infrastructure to analyze the game. Our stack includes Python (Django), TypeScript (Angular2), node.js, PostgreSQL, AWS (EC2 / S3 / RDS).
You will lead the development team by 6 to 12 months.

Must have

Very good general programming skills, specifically in Python
Good skills in HTML/CSS and Javascript
Huge motivation, dynamism, and willing to participate in the development of a tech startup

What would be great
Professional experience in development
Knowledge in video encoding and streaming protocol
Basic knowledge in machine learning or classic artificial intelligence
True interest in sport and, like us, willing to revolutionize the way sport is consumed by fans and professionals
Any football or dart knowledge would be more than appreciated

To apply, send us your resume and why you want to work with us at jobs@skillcorner.com
Should you have any question regarding this offer or SkillCorner, please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to get to know you.
Of course, you can also send us any useful resources (e.g. GitHub account) to show us why we need you.

Pay : 35 - 45 k€ + 1-3% equity on the basis of profile and experience
Location : Soleillet Incubator, 14 rue Soleillet. 75020 Paris
Start date : ASAP