English Speaking Students in France

How it works

On this page, you can get a precise overview of our services. Of course, if anything is confusing or you want further information, write to us as we are here to help.

Job Listing for Graduates

The only platform with 100% of the job offers open to English speaking students in France & other countries looking for employment opportunities in the Paris region. Apply to startups & SMEs for long-term contracts & internships as an English speaker in Engineering as well as Business related fields. View our job listing.

Consulting to polish your portfolio

Having worked in the Paris region apart from other locations in Europe & Asia, our professionals have the expertise to prepare you for your job applications. Students trust us for the professional services we provide at student-friendly charges : fabrication of CV and Motivation Letter & interview preparation. We also advise on how to build your profile based on real-life examples. Click to Consult with us.

Lacking time or intention for jobs in this region? The following is for you -

Not a student in France?

If you are not a student in France, and not looking for jobs specifically in the region, you can benefit from the express CV service. Since our professionals have work experience in different countries in Asia & Europe, they carry immense knowledge about CVs. With some crisp research about your target locations & professional fields, they can recreate your CV flawlessly for you. Click to know more about our fast-track 1-day CV checking.