About Us

At Swapcard, we believe in a simple philosophy; life as we know it is a result of the associations and connections made between human beings. Ultimately, it is human interaction that has shaped history. We want to empower people to reveal and reach their full capacity by meeting the right person at the right time. As the digital age is dawning, we aim to preserve the magic that occurs when real-life connections are made.

This is where Swapcard comes in! We provide our platform to event organizers to help them surpass their ambitions and help their participants make meaningful encounters! Since our initial launch in November 2014, we have proudly served more than 900 events.

As the number of events grow, so do we! With our recent fundraising deal, our team of 23 brave & curious individuals is now able to grow into a happy family of 35. With new members comes new ambitions. 2018 will be a year of international expansion and new territories conquered!

And that is where YOU come in!

If you are looking for a fast growing start up, a job where learning is always encouraged, and a unique environment where the team is the company’s first priority, then this is the job for you!


You have strong experience with Swift 4 and some prior experience working with Objective-C
Experience working with Realm database
Strong experience with GitFlow and Git
Experience in multithreading and GCD
Full understanding of networking processes on iOS, experience working with Alamofire
Solid experience in testing and continuous integration, experience with Fastlane
Familiarity with CocoaPods
Rock solid experience of AutoLayout and experience of working with Storyboards and .xib files for UI
Strong experience in debugging and crash symbolication
Rigorous, autonomous and proactive


You will be responsible for the development and support of our native iOS app written in Swift, releasing new features and also supporting a well documented stable code base.
You will work with a talented team of backend developers, designers and product owner working using a well-defined and clear Scrum methodology.
You will work on a clear roadmap with planned releases and new features.
You will manage several interns in the iOS department who will be working together with you.
The product is the core of Swapcard, and you will have a great impact on it. Your suggestions to improve the product, UX and architecture will be greatly appreciated.


You’ll quickly become autonomous while learning and growing along with Swapcard. This is an opportunity to embrace an adventure with a hard-working team, in a passionate and friendly atmosphere.

Salary based on your profile
Free gear & laptop
Lunches, snacks & perks
Friday drinks
Team activities
A Happiness Manager to ensure your well-being 🙂