Data Protection Officer (Senior job profile) – Tinyclues



Tinyclues, a leading provider of a AI-based marketing platform is recruiting a Data Protection Officer to join its growing and passionate General & Administration team.

In this role, you will be expected to strongly ensure our company remains compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and meet its standards. This compliance includes local data protections laws.

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer , you’ll be the key representative and advisor with both external (supervisory authorities) and internal stakeholders on data-related subjects. The DPO has to perform his duties independently to guarantee objectivity.

To make it a success, you have to be familiar with our business sector and the nature of data processing activities such as profiling.

You will have to review, maintain, build transparent and efficient data protection

policies, systems and procedures.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Identify and evaluate the company’s data processing activities
  • Create and monitor policies, data management procedures and deliver trainings to our staff
  • Be an internal and external evangelist to raise awareness about the data protection rights, obligations and responsibilities
  • Give advice and recommendations to the company about the interpretation or application of the data protection rules
  • Perform audits to ensure the constant compliance
  • Ensure we deal with all queries from our customers and data subjects within legal timeframes
  • Manage customers’ enquiries about data and security matters
  • Be proactive on upcoming law progression to maintain compliance by proposing recommendations


  • At least 10 years of experience, either in the QA or in the Legal compliance environment
  • Proven experience in data protection and legal compliance, ideally within a Tech & IT environment
  • An ability to deliver projects and answer inquiries on time
  • Strong ability to analyze and simplify GDPR law concepts
  • An ability to gather and handle confidential information and challenge the different stakeholders
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with computer security systems
  • Preference for working in a collaborative, cross-team capacity. This role requires you to work across functions and departments and be at the center of our entire organization